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Denty in typical back foot action
A trademark Denty shot
Celebrating another batting milestone
Another century


We  are really excited to celebrate Denty's testimonial year starting in 2024. We would love for you to be involved and enjoy some of the amazing events that will be being held throughout 2024. Not only will you be getting behind Denty, but also his chosen charities that he will be supporting and raising money for during the year.

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Another catch in the outfield
Denty in T20 action
Denty hitting out

"I  feel really honoured to have been awarded a testimonial year by the club. I look back at some of the great players that have had testimonials and it really makes me feel blessed. Gloucestershire is an amazing club with a rich history and I feel very lucky to have been able to represent the club for so many years."

A Word from denty

A bit about Denty...

Having joined Gloucestershire at the age of 12,  Denty played all through the age group system. He made his senior debut in 2009 shortly before he signed his first full time contract with the club. Since then he has amassed 350 appearances  for the club, scoring more than 15000 runs  in the process. this includes 26 hundreds and 81 fifties.

Hamish Marshall

"My first recollection of meeting Denty was back in 2009 when he was an up incoming 18 year old we’d heard about. His reputation at the time was that of a very talented and promising young cricketer with a slightly mischievous side to him. I didn’t see much of the mischievous side but what was quite clear from those early days was “the boy could play”."

Hamish Marshall

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